Purpose of this blog

We are writing this blog as a part of our fifth year at ISIT, the Intercultural Management and Communication Institute in Paris. We are 5 students majoring in Intercultural Communication and Translation, and we each speak 3 to 4 languages, among them English, Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian and of course French. We are all fond of travelling and so we chose « 40.000kilometres » as the name of this blog because this number represents the circumference of the earth!

But beyond our passion for languages and exchanges, discovering and understanding cultures around the world is of a great interest for us. Of course being familiar with the local language is necessary to apprehend a culture, however studying interculturality is also important. From discovering Chinese minorities to immersing oneself into the turmoil of Singapore, we know that intercultural exploration requires to perpetually question oneself to go beyond prejudices and reach out to others. Here emerges the concept of Intercultural Communication, a complex and fascinating subject at the heart of our studies. This discipline aiming to study different cultures and apprehend their histories and identities is still poorly known. This blog is an opportunity for us to explain the purpose and issues of intercultural communication through concrete examples.

Furthermore, as translation students we are often faced with common misconceptions about our training and future job. Many of our interlocutors do not know the difference between translation and interpretation, and few of them appreciate how technical both disciplines are. In order to strike down prejudices about translation, we will introduce the « Intercultural Communication and Translation » Master delivered at ISIT and the goals and projects of the training. Lastly, by analizing our experiences and sharing interviews with outstanding persons, we will try to explain the subtleties of the work of translators, be they novice or experienced.

In short, by presenting our training, a few funny encounters or some surprising anecdotes, we want to share our passion for intercultural matters.

Happy reading!