About us

Our team is made up of five motivated students with singular careers:

Joséphine near a temple - Shanghai, China

Josephine: Although I have a sciences academic background, after my baccalauréat (A-level) I tried to join ISIT. However, Chinese language was not taught at that time. So I decided to take a two-year biology tuition program at the Université Paris 7. In 2007 I finally entered ISIT directly in second grade. As we did not have Chinese teachers at ISIT yet, my classmates and I had to go from ISIT to Université Paris I at Porte Dauphine, Paris and the other way round many times a week in order to continue learning Chinese. The year after, we had our own Chinese teachers, at last. During my third year at ISIT, I went to Taiwan as an exchange student during spring semester and spent the summer in Shanghai where I found an internship in a company specialised in bioceramics. I came back to ISIT for one year and flew again to China to study Translation and Interpreting at BLCU in Beijing. As an ending point to my studies, I came back in September 2011 for my last year at ISIT and took an apprenticeship at Orange where I work as an internal communication assistant. I have learnt a lot from my couple of trips to China, especially when it comes to human relationships we can create far from home. Besides, I got aware that I was able to do things I would have never thought I could do. Now, I do know that the proverb that says: “Travel broadens the mind” is not just nice words put together.

Claire B in Shanghai

Claire B. : After my A-level, I spent two years in classes préparatoires littéraires -what a hard concept to translate, interculturally speaking! It is a preparatory course to enter the Ecole Nationale Supérieure and focuses on humanities. I then chose to study at ISIT. During my third year, I made the most of the compulsory international exchange to discover Taiwan for 6months. After my fourth year, I went to the Sichuan province for a 3-month internship and then decided to extend my stay in China to study at the BLCU  for one year. Some small pictural pieces of my stay are available online. I am currently beginning my fifth and last year at ISIT and working as an apprentice for Air France.

Chloé in the Hong-Kong bay

Chloé : I discovered the pleasure of travelling early in life, with summer holidays in Spain in my father’s family, but also during a school travel in Ukraine when I was 14. It was then that I caught the travelling bug. After a scientific baccalaureate, I let curiosity rule and studied humanities for two years in Lille. That’s when I discovered how much I liked translating… and I discovered ISIT! The year after, I entered the MCT program in Paris, and after a semester I moved to Vigo, Spain, to study for the second semester. That summer, I sent an application for an internship as a Youth Translator for the Singapore Youth Olympic Games, the first YOG ever. The internship was supposed to be six-month long, so when I was chosen I asked to take a gap year (and to delay my entry in the CIT Master for one year). It was fortunate because, after the first six months were up, the interns were asked to stay until the end of the Games in August 2010! I was thus able to spend more than a year in South-East Asia (which was quite short actually, seeing that there are so many things to discover in this region) before coming back to France in September 2010. The summer after, I did an internship at the UNICEF headquarters in New York. I am now completing my last year of studies and working part-time for Dassault Systèmes for a technical writer coop training.

Claire Li in a Beijing hutong

Claire Li : After two years of language and business studies in Rennes, I decided to go to China for a year as an exchange student. That’s how I discovered the city of Jinan, in the Shandong province, a typical Chinese city without many expatriates… and a great environment to learn the language. I stayed there for two years spending 25 to 30 hours per week studying Chinese at Shandong University. Although getting used to the Chinese lifestyle was a bit difficult at first, it was an extraordinary experience which directly impacted my training. When I came back to France in 2009 I entered the Sorbonne Nouvelle to study translation in French, English and Chinese. I finally entered ISIT in 2010 to do a Master’s in Intercultural Communication and Translation. I am currently finishing my studies doing a coop training at the Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives.

Julie in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Julie : As my parents are French and German, I grew up in a bilingual and multicultural environment. I lived a few years in Germany before moving to Menton, in the South of France. The city is located near the Italian border so I had the chance to experience Italian culture. After a scientific baccalaureate, I started studying classics, English and German in Nice and got a Bachelor’s degree in German language and literature. This is where I discovered my insterest in translation. ISIT seemed the perfect place to follow this trail. I entered the school in the 3rd year and spent my Erasmus-semester in Trieste, Italy, studying at the SSLMIT. I then took a gap year in Singapore for a translation internship at the Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee (SYOGOC). I took the occasion to travel a lot and discover South-East Asia. I came back to France in September 2010. I’m currently finishing a Master’s degree in Intercultural Communication and Translation at ISIT and working as an apprentice at the translation centre of the French Ministry of Finances. Besides languages and traveling, I also like photography and you can see some of my shots on my flickr account.


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